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Fermented Fish Fertilizer

This is for enhancement of plant health. It will help initial growth, while enhancing health and growth in the root zone. This then assists with nutrient uptake and disease resilience. It is diluted at either 50:1 for initial growth than 100:1 for maintenance. It can be used on heavy feeding vegetables and light feeders alike. When used in conjunction with a regular mulching program (strongly recommended ) this will also provide additional food for the beneficial microbes and fungi in the soil web surrounding your growth area. It is not a singular nitrogen source as fermented fish cannot be properly produced using only fish with no additional liquid. It therefore allows for a lower nitrogen level which is ultimately safer for the plant (regular high nitrogen cycles are not typically recommended for most plants ) and can be applied with more regularity to produce a more stable growth pattern.

Fermented Fish Fertilizer

Excluding GST/HST
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