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Aeration is key

The rain is here, but for how long? With lower groundwater levels due to a long summer, what can we do to bring these levels up? Mulching yes, this creates the home for the assistance to come from. Hyphae is key. The long, fibrous white roots stemming from the mycorrhizae may look flimsy but they pack a huge punch. These roots can penetrate hard pan over 12 feet deep! Your standard mechanical aerator may go 4 inches? Regular addition of fierce fish fermented fertilizer ( with mycorrizhae) will speed this up dramatically.

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So should be applied now as it’s starting to rain?

How about around established or establishing produce?

Replying to

Application is year round. I never suggest topical application a the nitrogen/mineral take up is under 10% in this manner. Soil soak however into composted areas can be done as much as monthly. Keep in mind one rule of thumb though, for many plants, more is not better. Fragile plants like lettuces do not need lots of fertilizer/minerals, but the soils they’re in may need a boost.

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